Africa is on its way!

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When your life has always given you everything you wanted, it becomes really easy to lose it all.

Amber Stevens is an entertainment journalist for a prestigious magazine in New York City. She is passionate about movies, and she is one of those few lucky people who have the job they have dreamed of since they were little children. She also has a life with her beloved husband Michael that perfectly suits both of them.

When a phone call wakes her up in the middle of the night, Amber’s life is crushed: her whole world crumbles down in just one second, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Amber lets herself fade away in a pit of desperation: two weeks after that first fatal call, she still wakes up every night in the middle of the night, with the same ineradicable fear in her heart. What’s that noise? Is the phone ringing? But it’s just Amber’s mind playing tricks: the phone is now ringing only in her head.

Is there a way to go on?

Amber has to make a choice: keep sliding down until turning into a ghost, or find a way back to life. Pushed by the affection and determination of her best friend, Rachel, Amber will have to rediscover her true self in an unexpected journey through the eternal landscapes of Africa.

AFRICA is a very intimate quest to explore the truth about people: it places its main character in close contact with the world and its wonders, in an environment so completely different from Amber’s own that it will force her to look deeper inside her soul and face that diversity. Amber is constantly pushed and pulled between astonishing encounters and stabbing emotions, in a revealing travel across Southern Africa.