Social Heroes

W is a superhero in contemporary New York City.

What’s so special about W? Who is W chasing in this first adventure? How does a modern superhero deal with justice and violence?





Guinn McGovern is the woman behind W’s mask, the fighter in the black suit.

What can go wrong on a date night if you are a superhero?






Some nights are memorable for W because of her successes in fighting crime, while in other evenings she is mostly Guinn McGovern, as she tries to deal with her normal social existence. This night she has to be both.

What will happen next?




Questions keep ravaging W’s mind today: what’s hiding behind a research center and its chief, a Professor well-known and respected in the scientific community?

W will have to look for the answers for herself, in a long run through febrile hours. Until she sees something that makes everything shake.

Embark in a new adventure with W, and find out where will she go next.


Something completely unexpected at the end of last episode has brought W back several years through her memories: what happened on the fatal night when she got her powers? How did Guinn McGovern find herself trapped in the new W reality she is now living?

A radically different episode will open more questions and reveal more secrets on W’s past.



W awakes from daydreaming about her past to find herself back to square one, where we left her at the end of Episode 4. But now she only has a few seconds to escape from the impossible situation she put herself in.

How will W accomplish her mission? What will she attempt to find more answer to questions from a forgotten past?



The plan to bring W’s nemesis out in the open is set into motion, and the tide of events seems to be turning in our hero’s favor. Until an unexpected development threatens to blow up W’s secret identity.

What will happen next?





Things get really hard for W, as the events of “What Could Go Wrong” keep unfolding under the superhero’s for once powerless eyes.
Between serious threats to W’s secret identity and safety, from completely unexpected sources, and former allies becoming armed hurdles, W will have to find new ways to strive in the superhero job.

Or otherwise keep busy at night.

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