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W Volume 7 will be out on December 15

Volume 7 of W’s adventures, WHAT COULD GO WRONG, will be available for Amazon Kindle on December 15.

We will follow W in a brand new adventure, and learn some more truths about this captivating character.

Stay tuned!

A new project got kickstarted: W!

W cover kickstarter

Backup the kickstarter project for W!

The world is full of superheroes in movies, books, and comics, so why should we need a new one?

W is everything we’re missing.

W is a woman. She decides not to reveal herself as such, by wearing a unique technology-filled suit (she’s an engineer, after all…) that conceals her body shape. She’s a woman who, during the day, struggles with a normal life in New York City: a job, friends who don’t and can’t really know her, a very complicated romantic situation. There’s mystery in her life: how did she acquire her powers? Who’s behind her superhuman strength and healing abilities?

Helped by her best friend from college, Jay, the only person who knows her secrets and who provides her with tech gimmicks, W does her best to keep New York City safe, while trying to bring light to her own past.

W is Guinn McGovern, and she’s ready to kick ass.